Uses of Vinyl Banners

The use of vinyl banners dates to the old days during the discovery of vinyl banners. If you want to give your father the happiest birthday memory, your sister’s graduation, church donation announcement, Custom vinyl banners are the way to go. Vinyl banners are used in both indoor and outdoor advertising, where the advertisements are meant for attracting the desired audience at a strategic position. To have the best banner for your purpose, it is good to know the different types of banners in the industry before settling on one.

Types of vinyl banners

Digitally printed vinyl banners. These banners are usually printed using water, eco-solvent, solvent base, and UV-curable inkjet. With huge banners, they are printed using computer-aided airbrush devices which print the ink directly to the printing material with some of the fastest inkjet printers capable of printing up to 300 square meters per hour.

Vinyl lettered banners. They are made from applying individual cut from self-adhesive vinyl by a computer-aided vinyl cutter. They are long-lasting and indoor non-digitally printed vinyl banner with removable vinyl letters. If you are planning to make a strong statement, without graphics, vinyl lettered banners are the answer. They are inexpensive any business, organization, community, or group to communicate information colored bold text.

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Screen printed banners. These types of banners are printed using screen printing, which is done on hand benches, single or duo color machine, and high-performance multi-color screen presses. They serve great for large quantities. Because they are printed on 10 oz, they offer a durable silk screen vinyl banner.

Uses of vinyl banners

With the advent of printing technology, banners have become one of the most effective of business promotion, with the digital banners appearing more professionally. Due to the innovativeness in the printing industry, high-quality banners are being used in the following areas.

Outdoor vinyl banners. When using vinyl material, they are waterproof and offer a notable resistance to tear, which makes them favorable for outdoor purposes. These types of banners are easily mounted with the specifications by the manufacturers. Well, known methods such as Pole pockets and grommets are used to mount the banners. Vinyl banners are cost-effective and sturdy, and last for very many years when stored properly.

Trade shows banners. Vinyl products are the best banners when it comes to trade shows. They can always be re-used and stored for future purposes. Technology gives a chance to create a banner using the most suitable backdrop that represents your business for easy association with the industry. With the use of the most appropriate colors, catchy message, and the company logo, you will be guaranteed that the attraction will attract the required attention from your targeted audience.

Conference banners. These types of banners are meant to emphasize an idea or a focal point that is dear to the company. The banners can be displayed as a backdrop or at the podium. They come with different sizes and shapes with an option to place them horizontally or vertically. With the conference banner, it is good to concentrate on the conference theme and the company logo.

Birthday and anniversary banners. The best thing about event banners is that they can be used both outdoor and indoor purposes. The banner is easy to store, giving you a chance to use it in more than one event. When preparing the custom-made banners, you can include your message in writing, making the event attractive and colorful. As the case with other banners, you can place them as per your specifications.

Advantage of using Vinyl banners

As describe above, there are many advantages associated with these types of banners, which include the following.

• Easy Customization. You can fully specify your logo design according to your specification so that the message is clear

• High Visual Impact. Using the vinyl banners, you will be guaranteed that there is full attraction from your audience due to the clear visibility and variety of colors used.

• Low Cost. They come at a meager price, making it possible for small and middle businesses to afford than many forms of advertisement in the industry.

• Easy to Make. With a vinyl banner, you only need to have the right tools, and with no time, your banner will be up.

• Durable. Vinyl banners endure all weather patterns making them suitable to use at any time of the year.

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